Surf Lessons & Surfing in National Parks

Surf Lessons & Surfing in National Parks

Surf Lessons Surfing

Taking your first surf lessons or trying to progress in surfing as a beginner or intermediate surfer can be challenging, frustrating and thrilling all in the one session. Depending on your location, the surfing conditions, crowds in the water and type of wave your surfing are all big factors in how rewarding your surf lessons and surfing session can be.

Noosa surf lessons
Double Island Point surfing

Typically taking surf lessons or surfing in a Australian National Parks gives not only a much more rewarding session than populated beach breaks but also gives a really unique surfing or surf lessons experience in a truly natural environment. Why? Firstly, The best National Park surfing locations are not so easy to get to making that little bit of extra effort worth it with empty waves, pristine tropical waters and no worries about surfing crowds. The intimidating feeling as a beginner taking surf lessons or surfing in a crowded surf break can be overwhelming and challenging to take those waves without feeling like your getting in the way. An example of this is the surfing mecca of Noosa. The points are generally always fully loaded with a mix of professional surfers, long boarders, intermediate and beginners and when the surf is pumping there can be up to 200 in the water surfing at the one time.

surf lessonsJust north up the beach from Noosa Heads within the Great Sandy National Park is an incredible point break known as Double Island Point. The only access for this surfing wave is by 4X4 along the beach at low tide and it’s harder to access location makes for much less crowds than Noosa with plenty of space on the break it can feel like your surfing a super long point break all to your self. A much more relaxed family feel and for anyone taking their first surfing lessons or looking at surfing in an uncrowded National Park environment it’s an incredible trip. Most locals surfing here have learnt to save their arms after riding waves typically 100’s of meters long on this sandy point break wave by simply stepping out of the shallows and walking back up to the top.

Sitting in the water waiting for the next great wave can give you a moment to immerse yourself in the stunning natural beauty of this National Park surfing paradise. The local Bottlenose dolphins pass close by looking for breakfast as do the Manta rays gliding through the clear shallows as you also can experience the local wildlife in the best way possible being in their natural environment. Its never the same surfing and surf lessons experience at Double Island Point but you can always guarantee it to be a memorable one.

Become a Paddling Pro in 4 Easy Steps

Become a Paddling Pro in 4 Easy Steps

Surf Lessons

Do you love the sun and the sea and do you want to improve your paddling technique for your next surfing or kayak session? In this case, paddling training will do the trick!

Surfing and kayaking, which involve paddling, strengthen your core and boost cardiovascular fitness. On top of that, they tone your arms and shoulders, burn fat, and ward off stress.

Learning to paddle is easy. Sure, it does require some practice, but it’s well worth the effort. Follow these steps to become a paddling pro:

Maintain Good Posture

Good posture is crucial when paddling when surfing. It not only helps improve your technique but also reduces injury risk.

Relax your shoulders, sit straight, and look straight forward. Remember to breathe and open your chest. Keep your feet against the foot pegs when kayaking and your legs together. And keep your feet together on your surf board. Your knees should be slightly bent. This allows you to move and rotate your torso with ease.

Practice Different Strokes and techniques

Whether you’re using a kayak, stroke as close to the centre line as possible. Experiment with different strokes, such as sideways draws, sweep strokes, low braces, high braces, and reverse strokes. As you progress, add more power to your stroke. Start with the basics and try new techniques along the way.

When surfing try to paddle with one arm after the other, don’t use two arms at the same time, make long and deep strokes, keep your hands relaxed and minimise any rolling from side to side.

Exercise outside the water

The water is not the only place to improve your paddle skills. Perform exercises in the gym or at home that target your back, shoulders, arms, and core muscles. This will boost your performance in the water and keep you injury-free.

Sprint training

Once you learn the basic strokes, paddle as fast as possible for about 20 yards. Slow down and repeat. This will increase your paddling strength for surfing and improve overall fitness.

Here you go! Now you know what it takes to start paddling like a pro! The more you practice, the better you’ll get.

Mind Surfing

Mind Surfing

Surf Lessons

We all know these moments in your day. When you glance social media on your phone during lunch break seeing a delicious Nias drainer spiraling down the line with all the correct ocean colours in perfect symmetry and the back ground palms looking majestic, or whilst awaiting your coffee order to be processed gazing at the artwork on the wall by the local kneeboarder depicting your main break firing on all cylinders with nothing but drooling barrels wrapping along the bank, maybe you’ve experienced it this good once or twice over the years but the fire still burns within to surf it in that perfect form.

So your mind wanders…….

It wanders to a place where you can’t wipe out , there is no drop ins, the take off is always make able, you’re never out of position and almost always you will make it around or backdoor through that section. It’s an uninterrupted moment in time where you slip into a state of “Mind Surfing”

Elite athletes now class it as “visualisation” a training mechanism to project themselves into the moment before its actually happened, as surfers we aren’t setting out to win medals, our journey is for the ultimate ride..

With only a handful of lucky surfers who travel the globe chasing waves everyday, most of us only dream of daily greenrooms with the sun on our face, being able to check your favourite surf forecast app, book a ticket and get to that destination that reads five stars and light offshore.

But we can all Mind Surf!

So next time you’re scrolling your instagram feed throw caution to the wind, let your fins release, bust that air on that normally unmake able section, or grab rail and pig dog like you’ve always wanted.


How to prepare for your next surf holiday to Double Island Point!

How to prepare for your next surf holiday to Double Island Point!

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It’s nice to be able to get out and catch Australia’s longest beginner waves with a brand new view over the coloured sands, especially if you’re traveling with friends. Heading to a new location for a surf holiday can be fun, but it always pays to come prepared whenever you’re visiting a place you’ve never been before. We’ve got you covered with a handy guide to help you plan ahead and live your holiday to its fullest!

The gear

The most essential part of any holiday prep is making sure you have everything you need for the surf trip. The good part it, you barely have to bring a thing! We supply you with all of the equipment, including boards, wetsuits, rash tops, etc! The Australian sun is very strong, so remember to be sun safe and SLIP SLOP SLAP with sunscreen, a hat and of course your swimsuit and towels.

Beat the holiday “lag”

What we mean by this is prepare for the increase in walking whenever you go on a trip, not just a surf holiday. People always get caught off guard at just how much their feet end up hurting when going on a trip to a new place and they want to see and do as much possible. Just start training your legs and feet by implementing a walking regimen as soon as you can before you trip.

Prepare to eat and drink

Exercising your belly is almost as important as your workouts. The best thing you can do before a trip is eat healthy and fill your gut with good probiotic bacteria. Traveling will always come with increased challenges for your stomach, especially if you’re someone who eats a pretty steady diet at home.

Another thing you should be mindful of is how much weight you might lose from all the surfing you’re going to do in combination with all the walking. Those calories will burn off you real fast, so don’t be afraid to bulk up a little bit before you leave for our surf holiday.

The last, but most important tip is to ALWAYS bring WATER with you! You are exercising in the sun, hydrating your body is essential to keep your energy levels high.

These tips, along with some essential traveler/tourist tips will go a long ways towards your overall enjoyment. Stay safe and have fun catching those waves!

Benefits of Surf Lessons

Benefits of Surf Lessons

Surf Lessons

Ever thought of taking surf lessons in your holiday? Surf lessons are a true delight, as you get to be active, social, close to nature, and it’s so much fun! We’ve listed a few benefits of surf lessons for you…

Better health

Maybe the best thing about surfing is that it allows you to boost your health. Primary benefits would be improved heart health and cardiovascular support, but it also provides you with the ability to get more vitamin D from the sun and being outdoors.

Muscle toning

Since surfing requires you to use your hands and paddle all the time, this does provide you with an excellent set of benefits when it comes to muscle toning. It’s a solid investment and one that will pay off very well in the end.

Finding a hobby

It’s pretty hard to find a passion and hobby, but that’s what makes surf lessons so great. They provide you with an amazing way to acquire a new hobby and expand on it. This makes it easier for you to fill your time with a passion that you never new you had!

Personal development

Committing yourself to surf lessons requires a lot of courage and effort. It certainly pays off in the end, and it allows you to grow from a mental standpoint. It’s a major boost if you want to boost your career and take it to new heights.

Being social

The simple fact that surfing makes it easy for you to be a social person is certainly one of the major benefits here. You have the opportunity to be active and at the same time interact with people that share your passion.

An excuse to travel and connect with nature

Aside from being fun, surf lessons are a great excuse just to go ahead and travel. There are so many surf spots around the globes, so many new places to visit, you’ll never get bored!

If you want to enjoy high quality, professional surf lessons, we recommend you to check out our surf lessons at Double Island Point. Learn how to surf in Australia’s longest beginner waves!