Epic Ocean Adventures passion for surfing, nature and the conservation and protection of our vulnerable National Parks run deep in the veins of our company. We pride ourselves on our high level of sustainable practices in the enjoyment and education of our pristine natural surroundings. All our tours within the Great Sandy National Park are carefully planned and managed in a way that leaves minimum impact and disturbance to the important eco systems of this stunning National Park.  It is with these values that we are able to provide high quality experiences and the enthusiasm we deliver our tours with. All our staff are individually selected by the founders of Epic Ocean Adventures, based on their experience, qualifications and commitment to responsible protection of the environment.
We deliver a diverse range of aquatic 4X4 tours from group, team building, private to high performance 1-to-1 coaching. Whether you’re looking for a surf lesson in a pristine and uncrowded National Park , want to make friends with the dolphins or relax and enjoy the incredibly stunning natural surroundings we will have a tour or package perfectly suited to you and your abilities.


  • Tyron van Santen

    Tyron van Santen

    Owner/ Tour Guide/ Instructor

    Ty has beach life in his blood. A childhood of his father's office at the beach includes much experience and a great amount of knowledge of the ocean. Kitesurfing & surfing are strong current interests as well as showcasing the most stunning location on earth, Double Island Point. Ty is known to go the extra mile to make sure everyone has had a fantastic experience.

  • Sean Permezel

    Sean Permezel

    Owner/ Tour Guide / Instructor

    Sean is passionate about the outdoors, especially surfing. He has been riding waves since his early teenage years. Moving from the colder waters and bigger waves from down south he has relocated his growing family (wife Sam, 3 kids) north to make the most of the ocean and surrounding environment, twelve months of the year.
    With a background in sports coaching, Sean is an excellent surf coach and takes much pride in teaching the right technique and making a fun day out for all. Sean has been surfing for 20 + years.

  • Suzie Vermeulen

    Suzie Vermeulen

    Marketing Manager / Tour Guide / Surf Instructor

    Suzie is our marketing guru. She is also a very good surfer with lots of experience with surf camp management in France. In her free time she always tries to join Epic on tour to have some fun with the clients in the waves!

  • Vince Young

    Vince Young

    Tour Guide / Surf Instructor

    Vince loves to share his expertise, ocean knowledge, and passion for all things surf. Often you will find him when his not teaching at DI or Tea Tree enjoy the waves with friends. With Vince your sure to have an unforgettable experience with his wicked sense of humor, knowledge and professionalism.

  • Rhys Smith

    Rhys Smith

    Tour guide/ Surf Instructor

    We welcome back talented surfer Rhys after some competing in South Africa and living the surfing life in Indonesia. We always receive lots of great feedback for Rhys's friendly nature and his expert surf guidance. If your looking to bring your surfing to the next level Rhys is your man!

  • Sam Young

    Sam Young

    Bookings / Shop Manager

    Sam is our super friendly bookings and shop manager and her excellent customer service skills and knowledge of all tours and local things to do make for a rewarding experience for all ages and abilities visiting the region. "I've had a strong passion for the ocean ever since I was a kid. You'll often find me snorkeling, scuba diving or just enjoying the beautiful sea, sun and sand down at DI"

  • Summer Stuczyk

    Summer Stuczyk

    Tour Guide / Surf Instructor

    Summer is our newest member at Epic. Another great asset to the Team spreading her love for surfing, beach and nature to clients visiting the region and National Park. "I have grown up surfing my whole life, and have a love for the ocean and everything in it. You'll always catch me outside either surfing, snorkeling or hiking."

  • Lukey Pettigrew

    Lukey Pettigrew

    Tour Guide/ Surf Instructor

    Lukey has a real passion for all things nature and the outdoors. A keen surfer and action man he is always up for some new adventure and exploring the region with friends. His love for the ocean and nature is reflected in his tours and lessons with fun friendly educational trips!

  • Lauren Maertz

    Lauren Maertz

    Bookings Staff

    Lauren is another booking and shop team member who has excellent customer service skills and can find the best tour experience for your needs. "I learnt to surf at Double Island after moving to Australia and having a love for the ocean and creatures that live in. I can't imagine being anywhere else."

We also have a number of passionate fully qualified part-time instructors and guides for the busy periods and bigger corporate days.


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