Curious Humpback whale encounter on tour

Curious Humpback whale encounter on tour

We were lucky enough to be greeted by an adolescent Humpback Whale on our casual paddle at Double Island from Noosa and Rainbow Beach. As you can see the whale approached super close and then swam under our kayak for a better look. This isn’t an everyday occurrence but when it does happen everyone gets pretty excited! We are still seeing most whales passing by heading north keen to get up to migrating waters but we can confirm that we are already starting to see some whales migrating south again. Sometimes when they do come south they swim a little closer to shore and rest in the bays with their new born.

As we always say on our tours and in the wild, you never know what you might see in this spectacular National Park but there is always plenty of activity. Conditions have been no less than ideal for our tours and we a wrapped to be able to showcase this stunning region to so many new travelers and holiday makers.


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